Sunday, June 03, 2007


It's always a fun and memorable day for the whole clan when a family members gets married. And it's always a very big event for the family.

Last Saturday, June 2, 2007 was my cousin Andra's Philippine Christian wedding. She had her US civil wedding last December and she will have her Indian wedding(in India of course) later this June too. Andra is now married to Indra. Not only do they have a similiar-sounding name but they also look-alike!

It was Andra's dream wedding - a sunset wedding. Held at the Bohol Tropics Resort Fisherman's Wharf with 200 invited guests. My cousins and the Loboc Children's Choir rendered love songs during the ceremony. My cousin Libya and her husband Bim did the very nice photo presentation. Well, with 42 first-cousins alone, the clan won't never really ran out of talents!

The color motif was burn-orange and burgundy, the colors of sunset. The walkway where Andra and Indra walked along was lined with lighted candles. Fresh flower arrangements adorned everywhere. And the beautiful sunset was the background.

What is always touching about every wedding in the family is the traditional welcome some that we (Andra's cousins and family) sing to the new member of the family. And of course, this time, we rendered the "Welcome to the Family" song to Indra who was obviously touched by the song and seeing all of us sing the song to him.

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