Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Gadgets

These days, it's already very rare that you see a person without "gadgets". The most common of which is a cellphone.

I can say that I am a person who is fond of gadgets too. What do I have?

- HP iPAQ 6365 for my mobile phone. I bought this(at P39,950.00)in Dec. 2004 and until now I am still happy with this. When I was on a US tour in 2005, the unit wasn't very common yet. Techie people I met there got impressed with what I have. One said "oh, you got my dream phone!". Although there are new smartphone units around now and might be better than my unit, I am not planning to change phones yet.

Gorilla Mobile

- IBM X40 ThinkPad. This is my partner. I bought this in Feb. 2005 (in Cebu City) and until now I am still deeply inlove with it. Though expensive, it's small, thin, and very ligth, but has the capabilities that I am looking for in a computer. I just tuck it in my handbag and I wont feel the weight too much. The built-in WiFi feature of this notebook is very very useful. It has become a habit of mine to check for WiFi signal where I would be. When me and my husband went to HK and US, we just log on to the Internet (from my notebook) almost anywhere. WiFi signal is widely available there. You can also check about this product - ThinkPad X40 Pentium M 1.4 GHz RAM 256 MB HD 1 x 40 GB Flopp

Check out Dell Notebooks too. This brand is also very popular.
Dell Home Systems

- iPod Nano 2GB. . It's funny because I own one but I don't use this. I am not so fond of listening to music through it anyway. My husband and children are the ones who take turns in using this. This Apple 2 GB iPod Nano Silver (2nd Generation) is really cool. Tunes can also be downloaded from Appli iTunes:
Apple iTunes

- Canon PowerShot SD900 . In this kind of business that I am in, having a compact digital camera is very handy and useful. I just want to capture any moment or subject which could be interesting enough to share (through my websites) to people all over the world. Before I bought this, I was choosing between Sony T30 and this one. I was looking for a small, compact and light digicam and yet have excellent other quality features. I chose Canon PowerShot SD900 (10 megapixel!)over Sony T30 (only 7.1 MP). I asked my brother in California to buy this Canon PowerShot SD900 Titanium 10MP Digital Elph Camera with 3x Optical Zoom for me and just had it hand-carried by a friend who is home to visit here.

It's really cheaper to buy digital cameras in the US. I bought a FujiFilm FinePix Z1 when I was in California in Dec. 2005, but it got stolen here at home. Then I bought a Nikon CoolPix L3 (through my cousin in NY), but I am not friends with this camera. I am giving this away to my youngest son who shows talent in photography.

- Sony PSP. This item could be any boy's dream toy too. We do have one. I also bought this Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Entertainment Pack from the US, through my friend in Seatlle. But guess who is fond of playing with this? My husband and my two sons. They say aside from playing games in it, they also surf the net through its WiFi capability too.

- AudioVox portable DVD player. I bought this in Maryland, USA in Sept. 2005. This gadget is also cool. We seldom get to use this though because we have other DVD players at home. But this gadget comes in very handy when we travel out of town. You can also get a similar item of Audiovox D1812 8" Portable DVD Player online through Amazon.com too.

- Jabra BT800 - This hands-free gadget is also very cool. It comes in very handy with the kind of mobile phone I am having. But I just look funny when I am talking to someone (using my Jabra) while walking in the mall. People who see me might think I have nuts in my head because I am talking alone (they couldn't see my mobile phone pinned to my ear). Similar to mine but of lower and cheaper model is the Jabra BT500V Bluetooth Vibrating HandsFree Headset (Black) which costs only $89.95. I got mine from Hong Kong at a higher than this model. I bought 3 units of this for my husband, myself and for my dad.

All these are not luxury gadgets for me but these are considered more as business equipment. My IBM x40 and my Cannon digicam specially are not just cool gadgets, but they are my business gadgets.

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