Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WiFi is It !

I think I have become obsessed with WiFi. For a person like me who is an Internet addict WiFi is one of the best things that has happened in the Internet age.

Right now, I am in my classroom in one of the universities here in Cebu City. I am attending one of my classes for my pursuit for a Doctoral in Business Administration degree (DBA). Yes, I also want to be a doctor.

While my classmates are delivering their much-researched reports, I am also multi-tasking in my own little corner in the classroom. I am surfing the net because our classroom has a WiFi signal. Right now, I am looking at some shoes at and, two of my favorite online stores. And aside from window shopping, I am also browsing about the topics being reported by my classmates. I also need to know what questions I can throw to them later during the open forum.

WiFi in Bohol

If you are like me, who wants to go online as often as possible, and you come to Bohol with your WiFi ready laptops, here is list of places where I know has WiFi signal.

UB – IRC building – WiFi access here is free. But of course, if you don’t have a UB school ID, you can’t get into the campus anyway. Lucky me, I have a UB school ID.

Bohol Tropics Resort Club - The owners of this hotel are my friends, who are very 'mabait'. I come to this hotel often and I am very glad that they do have WiFi signal within the hotel vicinity. This facility is really a PLUS for those who would be stay here. And of course, WiFi access is free ( for me at least.. hehhe).

Bo’s Café at Island City Mall – WiFi signal here is strong enough. But you have to buy a ‘card’ from the nearby Globe office for the access code. P100 is good for one hour Internet access. It’s expensive at that price, but good enough if you really need to go on-line. WiFi signal is powered by

The Buzzz Café – located just beside Bo’s Café, signal here is also very good. GlobeQuest card is also required.

FixRite store – The WiFi signal from Bo’s and The Buzz reaches to this area. One time, I have to transfer funds from my bank account and I need to do it on-line ASAP. I was at FixRite to buy something. So, while waiting for the sales clerk to find the item, I went online.

Metro Center Hotel – WiFi signal here is very good also. I always go here every time I can’t connect to the Internet from home and I really need to go online. Internet access is much cheaper. Just buy a Nitro card from the Sundry Shop, also at the Metro Centre Hotel, priced at P100 per card. One card is good for 22 hours.

BQ Mall – There are times that I need to do some shopping and also need to go online. I get Internet access through WiFi usually at the Swiss Gourmet Restaurant at the 4th level of the mall. While at the restaurant, I get to surf the net, do my stuffs online and get to eat my favorite green salad.

I am happier that the restaurant manager has decided to provide a section of the restaurant for smokers only. It’s not that I smoke, but I hate the smell of smoke! I have been complaining to the management about people smoking inside the restaurant. At least I can now enjoy my meal there, without the annoying smell of smoke.

WiFi signal in the mall is also accessible with a Nitro Card.

Ramiro Community Hospital – it is amazing that the RCH has WiFi signal. One time when my son was admitted to this hospital for his dengue, I was stuck in the hospital for almost one week. But never I had a dull moment there. I had my laptop with me in the room and of course, I got to go online from my son’s room. Nitro card is also needed to access WiFi here.

There might be other areas in Tagbilaran City with WiFi signal that I don’t know of. I am only mentioning the places where I go to where there is WiFi signal.

I am looking forward to the time that my own house will also have it’s own WiFi signal. My husband already bought a WiFi gadget when we were in the US and he will soon install it in our house. I am really looking forward to this! Imagine, I can surf the net instead of reading a magazine while working on the call of nature. Or, checking or following a certain recipe on-line while cooking in my kitchen. Isn't that really cool?

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Anni Vi said...

hi mandie leah. i enjoyed reading your entry. i am amused at the idea of someone surfing the net while in the cr. ;-)
but ya... it would be pretty cool to have wifi at home.
i love wifi too! especially if its free. hehehe (though i usually surf at the UP Law Library, where there are a lot of restrictions-- KJ sila, di pwede ang friendster! hehehe)
congratulations on the new lifestylebohol website.