Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Siesta Trip

Shall I consider myself lucky? I still enjoy the luxury of taking "siestas" (after-lunch nap) very often.

This afternoon, after having lunch of : boiled 'sab-a' banana, 'lakatan' (another type of table banana), Ormoc pineapple, "guisadong upo', Bicol express Century tuna and boiled rice (I eat only a half cup or less or rice anyway) with my husband at home, the 'siesta urge' started to creep into my body system. With the TV left on with Wowowee program playing, I laid down my bed & quickly fell into a deep slumber. The weather outside was so conducive to the 'siesta' trip, the rain was so light and the sound of the water dripping from the gutter was hypnotizing and in a few seconds I was already into my dreamland.

When I woke up, it was still drizzling outside. I hurriedly dressed-up and got ready to go back to my office and it was already 2:30 p.m. I drove the car to the office myself (my husband will be taking the other car later) and since Tagbilaran City is experiencing bad traffic situations due to the concreting of the main roads, it took me longer at about twelve (12) minutes (much more than the usual 6-8 minutes) to reach my office.Tomorrow I look forward to another “siesta” or might decide to spend my ‘siesta’ time at the hair salon instead, to have my regular hair maintenance (root dye) done by my favorite hairdresser – Melan.

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