Saturday, March 03, 2007

Academic Upgrade

For me, having graudated BSC-Accountancy and being a CPA by profession is never enough. Specially that I am involved in the educational sevice industry, I need to upgrade my academic qualification too. And aside from that, upgrading ones academic level gives me a different level of personal satisfaction.

I graduated college at the age of 18. After finishing my 6-month CPA review and after taking the board exams, I went right-away to pursue further studies, to get an MBA degree My MBA classmates at one of the top universities in Manila would ask me "are you a genius?" and of course, I replied "I don't think I am.. Why?". "Because you are only 19 and you are already taking masteral studies". Well, it just so happen that I started school very early. Grade 1 at the age of 5 and finishing college in only three years and one semester at the age of 18. In our family though, it's not a surprise for starting school so young and very early.

However, my dream to get an MBA degree was only realized 17 years after I first enrolled MBA. Delayed but no regrets though. I wasn't able to finish it at the Manila university, however I instead graduated MSBA at the University of Bohol in 2002. My thesis was "Promoting Bohol Through the Internet: A Marketing Plan".

See? even my masteral thesis was already into what I enjoy doing now - promoting my beloved Bohol through the Internet.

But earning a masteral degree is not enough. I still feel the urge to upgrade academically. So last June, 2006, I enrolled myself to pursue a degree in Doctor in Business Adminstration at one of the universities in Cebu City. I am now on my 3rd trimester and 3 more to go. I am enjoying every bit of my doctoral studies and I am already excited of working on my dessertation soon.

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