Saturday, March 03, 2007


I was reading a Cebu newspaper yesterday and browsed at the classified ads section and I couldn't help but notice the ads for job openings at call centers, export processing zones, business process outsourcing services , tech companies and others.

Seeing all those made me realize that Bohol is still far behind from Cebu when it comes into providing employment opportunities. That is no wonder why a lot of graduates from the local colleges and universities go to Cebu or Manila to hunt for jobs.

But nevertheless, Bohol still has its own role in the employment scene. Bohol also contributes in providing the human resource needs of industries in Cebu , Manila, other provinces.

Some months ago, I was able to attend a briefing on the possibility of a call center set-up in Bohol. Infact there were more than two meetings conducted, participated in by the adminstrators of the local schools (for the human resource supply), DTI local government officials, and local businessmen. However, until now, no call center is put-up in Bohol yet. I really don't know what is still lacking that Bohol cannot yet host this oursourcing facility.

I have checked websites of a few companies providing business process outsourcing services and I noticed that the people that they need to work in their companies are readily avaiable in Bohol. Local colleges and university produce them.

I do look forward to seeing Bohol also getting a big share of the outsourcing industry.

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coolguy said...

maybe because bohol is noy yet equipped with facilities used in call center industry. I am a boholano though. You can e-mail me at if you want some comments or suggestion. I am a call center supervisor.