Monday, March 26, 2007

Manicure, Pedicure anyone?

Some people find going to the beauty salon, get a foot spa, manicure or pedicure, very relaxing. Although getting any of these would eat up a lot of time (at least one and a half hours), but having these would 'force' your brain cells and body muscles to relax and get ones self recharged.

When in Bohol one can enjoy these little pleasures at some beauty salons which offer professional and friendly services.These salons can be found at the Island City Mall (David's Salon) and BQ Mall (David Salon and some others).

However, my favorite shops are the one infront of Bohol Institute of Technology - IC for my pedicure, manicure and foot spa. For my hair, Melan at Meg's Beauty Salon at the Courtyard along Airport Road in Tagbilaran City.

How much does these cost? For foot spa, prices range from P180 - P250 for a 30 minute pampering of the feet. For pedicure, P60-P80 and manicure also at the same price. You can choose to have your nails painted with the color of your choice or just have them coated with colorless substance. For hair trim/cut, it's P90 - P110 with shampoo and blower. Hair color/dye is about P250-350. Color streaks - P350. Hair Spa (which is also highly recommended) P350.

You also deserve some pampering sometimes. Kick your shoes off, toss your hair and relax. Enjoy life!
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gina said...

I highly recommend this Spa Salon called BODY "N" SOLE across the street from B.I.T School. The staff are very professional and the place is clean and organize. Price wise not bad.