Thursday, March 08, 2007

Court Experience

Have you been to a court hearing? I have. The first time I attended a court hearing was about four years ago. It was not a very pleasant experience though. It was me and my husband who were the complainants, however.

Yesterday, I was in a court hearing again, this time as a petitioner. I had to file a petition in court for a re-issuance of another copy of a Transfer Certificate of Title to replace a lost one. I was with one of the best lawyers in Bohol. My Dad, of course.

Our case was assigned as the third case to be presented so I had the chance to 'witness' the court proceedings of the two cases ahead of mine.

The first was a rape case. When the case was called, I noticed a woman sitting beside me stood up (when names were called) and the accused, wearing an orange BDRC (Bohol Detention & Rehabilitation Center) t-shirt also stood in and approached in the witness stand. The clerk of court read before the accused, who pleaded guilty to the charge, his sentence of at least 4 years, 2 months and 1 day to 6 years.

While the sentence was being read, I was looking around to check who could be the rape victim. I was so surprised when I discovered that the poor old lady (she looked very old to me) sitting beside me was the rape victim! And I started to feel angry.Why? because how can this guy be just sent to stay inside the jail for a few years after he raped a lady old to be his grandmother! He deserved to get a death penalty or at least a life sentence!

I asked the old lady how come she agreed to that arrangement and how come she didn't ask to be paid for damages. She told me that she didn't know that she cahas the right to ask for money for damages, in addition the imprisonment of the evil guy. All she said is that it was her lawyer's suggestion. For me, she got victimized again. And that is so sad.

The 2nd case was about a dispute of land use. It was a sad thing to hear about disputes like this. Co-heirs fighting over the use of land left by ancestors. The subject of the conflict was only harvesting of coconuts and few coconut trees.

It is really so sad to hear about situations like this too. Why can't these co-heirs settle things among themselves and share their blessings.

Oh well, no matter how harsh matters may situations appear to others, that is how law is all about. Each one deserves his own right and his right to be heared in court too.

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