Saturday, March 03, 2007


"Tabu" is the bisayan word for market day. This is the time when farmers come to the city, bring their fresh produce and sell them at the local market.

Last week, I was lucky to find time to go to the market early in the morning and feel the 'tabu' scenery at the market again. It has been quite sometime already that I have not gone to a 'tabu'.

For me and my husband, it's always a pleasure to be able to do the marketing for fresh vegetables, fruits and seafoods ourselves. But coming to a 'tabu' is more interesting becuase we get to buy vegetables grown organically which are of course safer to cook and eat. On this particular 'tabu' trip, I bought 'camote', okra, ginger, squash, onions, eggplants, petchay, sayote, patola and a lot more.

I also bought four kilos of fresh carrots because we always stock-up with these. My husband loves to drink fresh carrot juice which we prepare ourselves at home using a juice-maker machine. And although I don't use tomatoes often in my cookings, I was tempted to buy a kilo of fresh tomatoes for they looked so appealing.

Next Tuesday or Friday (the market days in Tagbilaran City) I hope me and my husband can go to the market to wade in the 'tabu' again.

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