Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Love Story

I am always amused to hear love stories of people I met or love stories of people I know. Each love story is different but still there is always a common factor – LOVE.

February is the month of LOVE. Afterall, Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th and that is already few days away from now. Talking about love is everywhere now. Let me share with you a love story of two people I love so much.

GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY of my grandparents. This photo was taken more than 20 years ago.

Lolo & Lola

Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t. But my grandparents (father's side) did. Their love story was unique in itself that I am sure most of us here would think that what happened between them doesn’t exist at this time anymore. Although I may not be able to recall what exactly happened, but what I will share with you now is just an excerpt of what from what my parents and relatives related.

My grandparents then were both very poor. My grandfather was a very intelligent but poor fellow that he had to work his way (the hard way) to support his pursuit for education (he became a brilliant lawyer). He was a working student at one institution and he did different stuffs which included fetching water from the deep well, to provide water supply to the needs of the users of that institution.

My grandmother was also very poor but she was a smart & strong woman. And of course, very very pretty. She was a Spanish mestiza. Like my grandfather, she also had to work her way to support her education. She was also a working student at the same institution where my grandfather was also working at.

How they met and fell in love? Since my Lolo was the one who did the water fetching, he was supplying water to the kitchen. And when he was there, he saw the torn skirt of my Lola (she must be that poor that her dress was torn) and behind the torn skirt, he saw how fair my Lola’s legs were and that caught his attention. And of course, when he saw that the fair legs came with it a very beautiful woman and he quickly fell in love with her.

Since then, he pursued my Lola and eventually won her trust and love. My Lolo since then deeply adored my Lola. They went through a lot of life's challenges and finally settled in Bohol, where their love grew and spread. Their union produced twelve (12) intelligent and beautiful children (the youngest died during infancy though). All of them have multiply academic degrees (with one having 14 academic degrees). Eight of them have doctorate degrees with four having a combination of lawyer/PhD, one is an engineer with a PhD and of course, all of them have at least two masteral/post graduate degree.

That love also produced forty two grandchildren (who also got their genes) and now the family is still growing bigger. I could no longer count how many great-grandchildren there are now.

To remember my Lola and Lola’s love, even if they both already passed away years ago, we, the surviving family members still celebrate their birthdays, death anniversaries & wedding anniversary. Next year, we will be celebrating my Lolo’s centennial birthday anniversary.

Love is really wonderful. It may start with just a simple glimpse but it will grow endlessly. Love indeed deserves to be celebrated. And Valentine's Day is more beautifully expressed if you Send a Valentine's Day gift to someone special to you.

Happy Valentines day !