Friday, November 30, 2007

Bohol Bee Farm

The Bohol Bee Farm is one of the places that one MUST visit when you are in Bohol. I myself never gets tired of coming here everytime I have the opportunity to do so.

I was with my father and two guests. We had breakfast there. I ordered my ever favorite "sikwate and puto maya". We were all given a complimentary array of home-made honey based spread. All these are sooo yummy when spread on the farm's very own freshly baked bread.

After breakfast, we were given a quick tour of the bee farm and the attendant showed us the bees. His explanation about the bees was so interesting. What I can't forget was the information that after the male bee have sex with the queen bee, the later will eat the male bee.

The ambiance at the Bohol Bee Farm is so relaxing. Benches and comfortable chairs are placed everywhere where one can freely sit and just relax while enjoying the soft breeze and the view of the sea. Body massage service is even available at P400 / hour and it is done in one of the cottages that has a relaxing view of the sea.

I couldn't help but imagine myself bringing along my 'manicurista' and let her do her thing while I am sipping my favorite lemon-grass iced tea or eating their yummy fruity ice cream.
Or, I bring along my favorite book and just spend the afternoon reading.
Or sleep on the hammock.
The Bohol Bee Farm is owned and operated by my friend Ms. Vicky Wallace (who is a nurse by profession. She graduated from the University of Bohol)