Friday, November 30, 2007

Bohol Bee Farm

The Bohol Bee Farm is one of the places that one MUST visit when you are in Bohol. I myself never gets tired of coming here everytime I have the opportunity to do so.

I was with my father and two guests. We had breakfast there. I ordered my ever favorite "sikwate and puto maya". We were all given a complimentary array of home-made honey based spread. All these are sooo yummy when spread on the farm's very own freshly baked bread.

After breakfast, we were given a quick tour of the bee farm and the attendant showed us the bees. His explanation about the bees was so interesting. What I can't forget was the information that after the male bee have sex with the queen bee, the later will eat the male bee.

The ambiance at the Bohol Bee Farm is so relaxing. Benches and comfortable chairs are placed everywhere where one can freely sit and just relax while enjoying the soft breeze and the view of the sea. Body massage service is even available at P400 / hour and it is done in one of the cottages that has a relaxing view of the sea.

I couldn't help but imagine myself bringing along my 'manicurista' and let her do her thing while I am sipping my favorite lemon-grass iced tea or eating their yummy fruity ice cream.
Or, I bring along my favorite book and just spend the afternoon reading.
Or sleep on the hammock.
The Bohol Bee Farm is owned and operated by my friend Ms. Vicky Wallace (who is a nurse by profession. She graduated from the University of Bohol)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Remembering the departed

It is almost All Saints Day and All Souls Day. It's time again to visit the cemetery, offer flowers and candles to remember our departed loved

I was still in my elementary years when my Lolo Ariston (my mom's father) died. I don't remember much about him though, but I remember him to be a mestizo and a very soft-spoken person. My Lola Ligor (my mom's mother) passed away when I was in high school. She was a very strong woman. She was still climbing trees and coconuts even at at age of past 60.

My Lolo Victoriano (my papa's father)died in April, 1984 when my papa was in the middle of the campaign period for a congressional seat (of which he won). My Lolo Victoriano was a very intelligent, loving and caring Lolo.

My Lola Lumin (my papa's mother) passed away when I was already a college graduate. I became very close to my Lola Lumin when she and my Lolo stayed at our house in Quezon City for my Lolo's series of theraphy sessions (he was operated for a brain tumour). Then, I would do my Lola's manicure, pedicure and fix her hair and make-up. We go shopping together and we cook together. She even taught me how to sew her dress, with my own hands (using only thread and needle), which she proudly wore to church.

When my Lola Lumin passed away, I missed her so much that I volunteered to do her make-up, fixed her hair (while she was on the emblaming table) and cleaned her finger and toe nails and put nail polish on them. Inside her casket, she looked so beautiful that people who looked at her couldn't help but notice how she is properly and well made-up. And I am always proud to admit that I did her make-up , manicure and pedicure. Some even jokingly (and seriously) asked me to do their make-up too, when it was already their time. I answered silently "I might".

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Filipina - Boholana, Part IV

Third Congressional District, Provincial Board Member

Ester Corazon Jamisola Galbreath is a native of Bilar born to Dionisio Cadelina Jamisola of Jagna and Crescencia Macalolot Ampon of Bilar who were both educators. She finished high school at the young age of 14, graduated Bachelor of Science in Home Economics at 18, then Elementary Teacher Certificate at 19 in the University of San Carlos in Cebu City.

At 20, she already started teaching in Bilar Central Elementary School and later, she was promoted as School Head Teacher after completing the academic requirements in Master of Arts in Education.

After fifteen (15) years of teaching in the public schools, she got married to Eugene “Jack” Galbreath, a retired US Military man. She resigned from her teaching job in Bilar to join her husband who was then working as a civilian employee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After seven (7) years there, they came back to Bohol to settle down for good in Bilar and she decided to try politics.

She was elected as Municipal Mayor of Bilar for three (3) consecutive terms of nine (9) years from July 1, 1992 to June 30, 2001. In the May 2001 election, she won as a member of the Provincial Board representing the 3rd District of Bohol.

She is the Chairman of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Committee on Tourism and Committee on Zoning, Rural and Urban Development, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Arts as well as Committee on Women and Family Affairs; a member of the Committee on Health and Public Safety and the Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

In May 2004 election, she won handily as a member of the Provincial Board representing the 3rd District of Bohol for her second (2) term. She Chairs the Committee on Tourism and Committee on Education., Vice Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Arts as well as Committee on Zoning; and member of the Committee on Health and Public Sanitation; Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and Committee on Women & Family Welfare.

Aside from her political career, she is also active in both the Girl and the Boy Scout Movement as well as the Tagbilaran City Host Lions Club of which she is the President at present.

Filipina - Boholana, Part III

Second Congressional District, Provincial Board Member

The new board member is a beauty and got the best life can offer. She is the youngest child from a brood of nine of Engineer Magdaleno T. Camacho, Sr., once Bohol’s District Engineer who hails from Getafe and a retired public school principal of Chinese descent from Tubigon, Filomena Tan. Her eldest sister, Victoria is an OB-GYNE consultant, also owns a clinic in the U.S. Next is, Cecilio, also a general surgeon in the U.S. Her other sister Carmen, is a nurse in the U.S.
while brother Jessie, is a manager of a firm there. Another brother, Feliberto, a graduate of Philippine Military Academy Class 65, who retired as colonel (pilot) of the Philippine Air Force, is now a successful enterpreneur in Canada.

Before her is her brother Cariso who was mayor of Getafe from 1992-2001. He is now ABC President there and subsequently Bohol’s ABC Vice President. His wife Theresa, who followed suit, is now on her second term as mayor of Getafe, Bohol.

Another brother Magdaleno, Jr., was a philosophy professor of Adamson University in Manila. Unfortunately, God took his life earlier so with another brother Thomas Dewey. Hon. Maria Fe Camacho-Lejos or simply MAFE as her friends fondly call her, was born on March 23, 1957. She finished her elementary grades in Getafe in 1968. She pursued her secondary course at Holy Spirit School, Tagbilaran City and graduated in 1972. Not certain yet in which way to go through as a profession, she took up Bachelor of Arts at Velez College, Cebu City and finished it in 1976.

Finally, MAFE chose to be a nurse, which she studied at the University of Bohol, Tagbilaran City and completed Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1981.

MAFE’s leadership potential was discovered as early as during her student days when she became the Class President of U.B.’s Nursing Students’ Association from school year 1979-1981. She also became the President of the Quezon Institute Nurses’ Organization from 1982
to 1986 while working there as an O.R. staff nurse. MAFE has been likewise an active member of the Philippine Nurses’ Association and Alliance of Health Workers as its National Secretary from 1984-85.

Working abroad for dollar also attracted the young MAFE like most of our brother Filipinos at that time, when in 1986, she accepted an overseas employment as staff nurse of the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until 1996. She, again, worked as chief nurse of Marzouk Primary Health Care Center, Al-Baha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1996 to 2004.

MAFE comes from a family of politicians. Her grandfather was once a long-time mayor of Getafe, Bohol in the 20’s and 30’s. An uncle also became a board member of Bohol during the stint of Carlos P. Garcia as governor. A brother as mentioned above has been a successful politician.

But, MAFE has never had a dream of becoming one. If not probably for an ailing cousin, the late Estanislao Camacho, Board Member of the 2nd District of Bohol, who withdrew his bid for reelection in 2004, MAFE could not have ran in his stead and won as Board Member of the Province of Bohol.

The new Board Member is dynamic. She is output-oriented. MAFE is religious too. Her being a nurse makes her an ideal surrogate mother to all her constituents.

Being a working mother is already a tough task. Being a politician at the same time multiplies the challenge quadrofold. But effective time management can allow her to be an efficient wife, mother and public servant at the same time.

MAFE is happily married to Mr. Cristopher O. Lejos, a businessman from Capiz, who also once an oversea worker and they are blessed with two children, Kevin, who is now in his second year college in political science at the University of Bohol and Kristofferson, a high school sophomore of Holy Name University.

Filipina - Boholana, Part II

This blog item features the Boholana lawmakers. They are indeed heroines. They do away with personal intentions but are doing things for the welfare of the Boholanos. Praises to our Boholana lawmakers.


Dr. Amalia Reyes Tirol,Board Member,2nd Congressional District, Province of Bohol.

“The 1st Lady Is now a Lawmaker”

There is the widely acknowledged dictum that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. Although this line should not be taken literally, it connotes the power of a mother in bringing forth to this world high-caliber leaders who decide on most pivotal issues. Dr. Amalia Reyes-Tirol, Ph.D. is an accomplished woman, wife, mother and grandmother. Never the type to stay in the background, even when tending to her husband whose political career was highlighted by his being the Governor of the Province of Bohol, or nurturing eleven children, ten of whom are highly successful professionals, she was always been at the forefront in social concerns. As destiny would have it, she metamorphosed from being the First Lady to becoming a Board Member, the only Boholana accorded such exemplary feat.

Mally was born in San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol on July 10, 1933. She studied at the San Pascual Elementary and graduated with honors in 1949. She was First Honorable Mention in her fourth year class at Ubay Public High School in 1953. That same year she took BEED at Divine Word College, then finished CSS at Rafael Palma College in 1955 and BSC in 1957. In the same institution she graduated BSHE as Cum Laude in 1959, ETCHE as Cum Laude in 1960, and BSEED-HE as Magna Cum Laude in 1961. RPC became University of Bohol where she finished her Master’s Degree as Magna cum Laude in 1965 and Ph.D. also as Magna Cum Laude in 1967.

From 1958 to 1997, a continuous period of 39 years, she worked at RPC/UB as Professor in Typewriting and Stenography; Business Management Professor in the College of Commerce; Professor of the College of Home Economics, while concurrently working as Dean of Men and Women; Head of Home Economics Department; and Head of Alumni and Extension Services. She has been very active in civic and community activities. She is a Board member of the PNRC-Bohol Chapter and now member of the Philippine Gift of Life; Board Member and Auditor of Tagbilaran Puericulture Center and maternity House; Member of the Board of the Bohol Foundation of the Deaf (1982-84); Secretary, Balikatan Sa Kaunlaran (1980-82); Vice President of the same organization from 1982 to 1984; President Tagbilaran City Host Lions Club (1982-84) District Governor district 301B Lioness Club. Board Member of the Girls Scout of the Philippines (1965-1980); Vice President, Girl Scout of the Philippines (1980, 1994, 1997, 2003); President Girls Scout of the Philippines (1994-1997); President National Federation of Women’s Club (1985-2003) member, Congressional Foundation, Inc. (1986-92); and she was the founder and President of Bohol Official Ladies Foundation, Inc. Bohol Chapter (1992-1996).

She was instrumental in organizing the Cortes Official Ladies Cooperative, Trinidad, Food Processing, Duero Official Ladies Cooperative, San Pascual Cattle Dispersal Cooperative, and San Isidro Basket Waivers Cooperative. She is the adviser and consultant of the Bohol Official Ladies Foundation, Inc.2001 up to the present.She is a member of the Treasurer of the Philippine Home Economics Association Region VII (1986-1994). Chairman, Council of Deans and Heads of Home Economics of the Philippines (1993-1994).

Not only is she dynamic in the socio-civic activities, she is also excels in her religious affiliations. She was Member, Our Lady of Lourdes (1949-1957); member Catholic Women’s League (1970-present); vice President, Catholic Women’s League (1988-90); President, San Roque Chapel Organization in Socn-oc, Ubay, Bohol (1988-90); and Adviser of the San Roque Chapel Organization from 1990 to 1995.

With her efficiency as a public servant she acquired various awards and citations. A plaque of Appreciation was given to her being the Outstanding GSP Chairman of the Ruby Jubilee Celebration; awarded as Outstanding Mother of Tagbilaran City by the Tagbilaran Women’s Club in 1994; recognized by the national Chairman of the Council of Heads and Deans of Home Economics in the Philippines by DECS Secretary Ricardo Gloria in 1994; was also recognized for her commitment in maintaining excellent standards in Home Economics Education; honored for being a Nutrition Coordinator by Dr. Florentino ANP Director, Manila; distinguished of her valuable contribution to the success of 74th Town Anniversary Foundation of Trinidad, Bohol (2001); a plaque of appreciation was given to her as the Lioness district President 301B in 1994 and as President of the Tagbilaran City Host Lions Club (2001-02); Outstanding Educator in the field of Education on May 31, 2003 in Cebu; also recognized by the Bohol Provincial Board Member League of the Philippines (2003); Institute of Cultural and Arts Management; TESDA; Philippine Gift of Life; Sunshine Home and was given certificate as 10 years of successful service to the Lions Club International.

In government service she also keeps interest busy with her volume assignments. She was Legislative Assistant (1986-92). Chairman, Committee on Culture and Arts and Committee on Government Properties, Enterprise and Related Undertakings; Vice Chairman, Committee on Public Utilities and Committee on Social Services and Population Development; Member on Committee on Tourism, Committee on Good Government and Committee on Appropriation, Budget/Finance.

Though her life is occupied both socio-civic and government drudgeries she still have time to promote the family’s interest like gardening and food production; mango production; cattle dispersal, which they have been doing since 1965; rice and corn crop production and aquamarine farming.

The greatness of a mother is manifested through her children. The eldest of her 11 children is Dr. Mutya Kismet Tirol-Macuno, a Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Head NICU at Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital. David Rey Tirol finished BS Commerce and Master in Business Administration; he is in the construction business. Engr. Carpo Tirol is a Manager of Australian Aluminum Factory, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Ammon Denis Tirol is a CPA and Master in Business Administration and he is the Budget Officer of the University of Bohol. Honor R. Tirol finished Bachelor of Laws. Dalia Melda Tirol-Magno is a Certified Public Accountant, Realtor and also works as Registrar of UB. Apolo Marco Tirol who finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing and engaged in business. Homer Ariston Tirol works as Administrative Assitant of the UB President. Reyna Catherine Tirol-Clavano is a Registered Nurse now based in New Zealand. David Tirol III is a BS Economics graduate, licensed Respiratory Therapist and he is now based in California, USA. The youngest Cindy Tirol is registered nurse.


Filipina - Boholana, Part I

Filipina is a female Filipino. Filipinas and Filipinos are citizens of the Philippines.

Boholana is a female Boholano. Boholanas and Boholanos are citizens of the Republic of Bohol, Philippines. (The name Republic of Bohol has another story)

A Boholana is also a Filipina.

This blog series will feature Boholanas who has made a mark in the local, national and international scene in different fields. They are women who deserves to be phrased and looked up to for what they have done and for what they are.

This series is an entry to my friend Janette Toral's invitation to join "Filipina Writing Project". .

A true-blue Boholana, Sonia was born (July 20, 1944) to then Congressman Pablo Malasarte of Bilar and homemaker Petra Cubillo of Calape, Bohol. A consistent honor student from elementary to college, she was awarded the "Most Outstanding Student of the Philippines" in 1964, placing first (future husband Raul placed second) among all college students ranked on the basis of academic excellence, leadership abilitiy, and special achievement. Sonia was also a recipient of the Cardinal Santos Leadership Award, having served as President of the Student Catholic Action (SCA) and the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), a national student organization founded by future Philippine Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban.

Sonia holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree (Magna Cum Laude) from Saint Joseph's College, Quezon City, a Master of Arts in Communication Arts and a Master of Arts in Social Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University. She has also taken courses at the Child Development Center of the University of the Philippines.

As a devoted wife to Raul, Sonia actively supported her husband in all his roles as lawyer, congressman, senator, Secretary of Education, presidential candidate, and international parliamentarian. The couple has six children and five grandchildren. They were bestowed the Golden Parents Award for 1995. In both 1998 and 2004 Philippine presidential campaign, Sonia actively campaigned for her husband and was described by local media as very well-prepared to be a First Lady of the Philippines.

Sonia is active in educational, social, cultural, and environmental causes. As past president and founding member of the 20-year-old Women in Nation Building (WIN), she is a sought-after resource person on women's issues. In healthcare, she is a frequent guest speaker owing to her first-hand experience as primary caregiver to then ailing husband Raul. Sonia co-founded Saint Michael's Hospice in 1996 to help the poor and terminally ill. She maintains active relations with the Student Catholic Action Leadership Foundation, an organization which strives to revive the SCA among the contemporary Filipino youth.

During the May 14, 2007 elections, Sonia ran for Senator but unfortunately lost in the over-all count but she scored well in Bohol. Afterall, she is a Boholana and is also loved by the Boholanos.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday the 13th

Today is a Friday the 13th. Many people think and believe that a Friday the 13th is not a lucky day. But for me, it's a lucky day!

Every new day is a blessing from God so it is a lucky day! I never consider this day or any day for that matter an unlucky day. And besides, I was born on a 13th day of December so for sure, there has been birthday anniversaries of mine that fell on a Friday the 13th.

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Some do really have this kind of fear.

My Mom used to tell us that it is not safe to travel on a Friday the 13th. Most likely, accidents will happen. Although there has been accidents all over the world that happen on this day, thank God, no accidents has happened to any of my close friends and family on a Friday the 13th. Well, whether it is a Friday the 13th or any day, accidents do happen anytime, anywhere.

How about you? Do you consider a Friday the 13th a day of bad luck or a day of good luck. Are you afraid of a Friday the 13th?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

25 years and counting.....

I attended another wedding this afternoon. But this time wasn't just an ordinary wedding but it was a Silver Wedding Anniversary of two friends of mine.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Ate Edith and Sir Dodong!

Twenty five years ago, I was only a college sophomore and I was asked to be one of the bridesmaids of Ate Edith and Sir Dodong. Both of them were still young engineering professors at our university and Ate Edith is the elder sister of my barkada.

Time flies so fast indeed and it has been 25 years ago and here I was, with Merdith (who is now a nurse working in NY, USA), my cousin and also an original bridesmaid like me, walking along the aisle of the same church where Ate Edith and Sir Dodong first exchanged their vows to love each other "for better or for worse". And indeed they kept their promises to each other and they are now looking forward to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary someday too. I also look forward to that.

During the wedding reception, photo slides of those taken during their wedding 25 years ago,were shown. I saw my picture and I look so innocent, so naive and so slim. I was also fun to see the younger faces of some people we know. It was a nice feeling to reminisce the old times.

Congratulations to Ate Edith and Sir Dodong! May you have many more happy and blissful life together!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


It's always a fun and memorable day for the whole clan when a family members gets married. And it's always a very big event for the family.

Last Saturday, June 2, 2007 was my cousin Andra's Philippine Christian wedding. She had her US civil wedding last December and she will have her Indian wedding(in India of course) later this June too. Andra is now married to Indra. Not only do they have a similiar-sounding name but they also look-alike!

It was Andra's dream wedding - a sunset wedding. Held at the Bohol Tropics Resort Fisherman's Wharf with 200 invited guests. My cousins and the Loboc Children's Choir rendered love songs during the ceremony. My cousin Libya and her husband Bim did the very nice photo presentation. Well, with 42 first-cousins alone, the clan won't never really ran out of talents!

The color motif was burn-orange and burgundy, the colors of sunset. The walkway where Andra and Indra walked along was lined with lighted candles. Fresh flower arrangements adorned everywhere. And the beautiful sunset was the background.

What is always touching about every wedding in the family is the traditional welcome some that we (Andra's cousins and family) sing to the new member of the family. And of course, this time, we rendered the "Welcome to the Family" song to Indra who was obviously touched by the song and seeing all of us sing the song to him.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boholanos of the World

Boholanos, like most Filipinos, are known to be very close to their own families and tend to keep close ties with family back home, even if they already live far away from Bohol.

There are a lot of Boholanos now living all over the world - in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, other ASEAN countries and just all over. But though they lived far away from their beloved Bohol, they still keep in touch with family back home, in a lot of ways.

They read Bohol news regularly through the online editions of The Bohol Chronicle and The Bohol Sunday Post. A great amount of web traffic proves that Boholanos indeed always want to keep themselves updated of what's happening in Bohol.

Fiestas are always the biggest drawer for Boholanos to come home to their beloved province of Bohol. Infact, there is always a saying that during the month of May, Bohol sinks, for Boholanos do really come home to attend the fiesta of their town or barrio. And that is not only true for the month of May, but all throughout the year when fiesta is celebrated somewhere in Bohol.

However, Boholanos who are not able to come home to attend fiesta themselves still do celebrate fiesta at where they are already living at.

Boholanos being family-loving, also look after their families left in Bohol. They always see to it that they are able to send money back home. They do a lot of saving just to be able to send money and stuffs to Bohol. Some of them send boxes of stuffs through couriers, money through banks and more are now taking advantage of Instant Internet Remittances using Credit Card which is more convenient and safe.

A regular reunion of Boholanos is also being done every three years through the Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBKT). No other province in the Philippines has successfully done such kind of reunion.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bohol Beach Day

Bohol is blessed with prestine white beaches. A favorite relaxation spot for the locals and a lot of tourists.

Beach goers have a choice of going to public beaches which has cottages for rent and public beaches where people can just go there, enjoy the beach without paying.

For beaches where you need not pay anything to get take a swim in the water and enjoy the white sandy beach in Panglao Island, you can go to either of the following:Doljo beach (most of the portion of this long white beach strip is free); Momo beach, Bikini beach and Alona beach.

There are also white beaches where most of the beach front lots are owned by private individuals however, they provided huts or tables for the public to use for a fee. The favorites are Dumaluan Beach and the BBC Public Beach. At Dumaluan Beach, huts are rented out at P150/day plus additional P30 if you need to use the electric outlet for your cd player or turbo broiler.

Bathers can also enjoy playing beach volleyball there, or pitch a tent on the beach and stay overnight there for a fee of P350/tent for 2 persons. You can bring in as many foods you want, bring your own broiler or broiler your fresh pork belly, chicken or seafoods at the big charcoal pit provided.

Some picnic goers who are not lucky to get huts can still enjoy the beach by renting tables placed , under the shade of the tress lined along the beach. Those who also came without foods can also order grilled foods in the nearby grill hut at very reasonable prices - P60-P90 per set.

It's summer time. Let's enjoy the beach.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Coming To Bohol

It's summer time once again and a lot of tourists come to Bohol to enjoy the white beach and of course see and enjoy a lot more! Afterall, Bohol is not only known for its famous white beaches but also for its Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, live clean rivers, old churches and many many more. No doubt Bohol is tagged as the favorite tourist destination in the Philippines.

Tourist flock to Bohol everyday. They come either by boat or by plane.Tagbilaran City is the entry point of Bohol.

To reach Bohol from outside the Philippines, get a plane to Manila or Cebu City (your entry points in the Philippines). If you enter the Philippines through Manila, you can take an airplane direct from Manila to Tagbilaran City. There are about four flights every day, depending on the airline and day. Presently servicing the Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Airlines. Sometimes, these airlines offer promo fares for early bookings. Check out the airlines' respective websites for fare rates and flight schedules.

If your entry point is Cebu City, take either a slow boat (4 hours float) or fast craft (1 hour and 45 mins float). Taking the fastcraft is preferred. The fast craft companies servicing the Cebu-Tagbilaran-Cebu route are: Supercat, Weesam Express, and Ocean Jet. Boat leaves Cebu to Tagbilaran as early as 6 o'clock in the morning. And boat leaving Tagbilaran back to Cebu is as late as 6:40 o'clock in the evening.

Another trip option from Cebu City to Bohol is to take a slow boat from Cebu City to either Tubigon, Bohol (boat leaves every hour), to Ubay, Bohol, to Jetafe, Bohol or to Beunavista, Bohol. You can check trip schedules at the local seaport of Cebu City.

Coming from Mindanao, one can take a boat from Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro City or elsewhere)to Cebu City and from there, take either fast craft or slow boat to Tagbilaran City. Or, take the boat direct from Cagayan de Oro City to Tagbilaran City which floats every mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

For discounted Bohol Tour Packages, you can text me or call me at 09163855606.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Manicure, Pedicure anyone?

Some people find going to the beauty salon, get a foot spa, manicure or pedicure, very relaxing. Although getting any of these would eat up a lot of time (at least one and a half hours), but having these would 'force' your brain cells and body muscles to relax and get ones self recharged.

When in Bohol one can enjoy these little pleasures at some beauty salons which offer professional and friendly services.These salons can be found at the Island City Mall (David's Salon) and BQ Mall (David Salon and some others).

However, my favorite shops are the one infront of Bohol Institute of Technology - IC for my pedicure, manicure and foot spa. For my hair, Melan at Meg's Beauty Salon at the Courtyard along Airport Road in Tagbilaran City.

How much does these cost? For foot spa, prices range from P180 - P250 for a 30 minute pampering of the feet. For pedicure, P60-P80 and manicure also at the same price. You can choose to have your nails painted with the color of your choice or just have them coated with colorless substance. For hair trim/cut, it's P90 - P110 with shampoo and blower. Hair color/dye is about P250-350. Color streaks - P350. Hair Spa (which is also highly recommended) P350.

You also deserve some pampering sometimes. Kick your shoes off, toss your hair and relax. Enjoy life!
Mini Body Butter

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Court Experience

Have you been to a court hearing? I have. The first time I attended a court hearing was about four years ago. It was not a very pleasant experience though. It was me and my husband who were the complainants, however.

Yesterday, I was in a court hearing again, this time as a petitioner. I had to file a petition in court for a re-issuance of another copy of a Transfer Certificate of Title to replace a lost one. I was with one of the best lawyers in Bohol. My Dad, of course.

Our case was assigned as the third case to be presented so I had the chance to 'witness' the court proceedings of the two cases ahead of mine.

The first was a rape case. When the case was called, I noticed a woman sitting beside me stood up (when names were called) and the accused, wearing an orange BDRC (Bohol Detention & Rehabilitation Center) t-shirt also stood in and approached in the witness stand. The clerk of court read before the accused, who pleaded guilty to the charge, his sentence of at least 4 years, 2 months and 1 day to 6 years.

While the sentence was being read, I was looking around to check who could be the rape victim. I was so surprised when I discovered that the poor old lady (she looked very old to me) sitting beside me was the rape victim! And I started to feel angry.Why? because how can this guy be just sent to stay inside the jail for a few years after he raped a lady old to be his grandmother! He deserved to get a death penalty or at least a life sentence!

I asked the old lady how come she agreed to that arrangement and how come she didn't ask to be paid for damages. She told me that she didn't know that she cahas the right to ask for money for damages, in addition the imprisonment of the evil guy. All she said is that it was her lawyer's suggestion. For me, she got victimized again. And that is so sad.

The 2nd case was about a dispute of land use. It was a sad thing to hear about disputes like this. Co-heirs fighting over the use of land left by ancestors. The subject of the conflict was only harvesting of coconuts and few coconut trees.

It is really so sad to hear about situations like this too. Why can't these co-heirs settle things among themselves and share their blessings.

Oh well, no matter how harsh matters may situations appear to others, that is how law is all about. Each one deserves his own right and his right to be heared in court too.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Academic Upgrade

For me, having graudated BSC-Accountancy and being a CPA by profession is never enough. Specially that I am involved in the educational sevice industry, I need to upgrade my academic qualification too. And aside from that, upgrading ones academic level gives me a different level of personal satisfaction.

I graduated college at the age of 18. After finishing my 6-month CPA review and after taking the board exams, I went right-away to pursue further studies, to get an MBA degree My MBA classmates at one of the top universities in Manila would ask me "are you a genius?" and of course, I replied "I don't think I am.. Why?". "Because you are only 19 and you are already taking masteral studies". Well, it just so happen that I started school very early. Grade 1 at the age of 5 and finishing college in only three years and one semester at the age of 18. In our family though, it's not a surprise for starting school so young and very early.

However, my dream to get an MBA degree was only realized 17 years after I first enrolled MBA. Delayed but no regrets though. I wasn't able to finish it at the Manila university, however I instead graduated MSBA at the University of Bohol in 2002. My thesis was "Promoting Bohol Through the Internet: A Marketing Plan".

See? even my masteral thesis was already into what I enjoy doing now - promoting my beloved Bohol through the Internet.

But earning a masteral degree is not enough. I still feel the urge to upgrade academically. So last June, 2006, I enrolled myself to pursue a degree in Doctor in Business Adminstration at one of the universities in Cebu City. I am now on my 3rd trimester and 3 more to go. I am enjoying every bit of my doctoral studies and I am already excited of working on my dessertation soon.


"Tabu" is the bisayan word for market day. This is the time when farmers come to the city, bring their fresh produce and sell them at the local market.

Last week, I was lucky to find time to go to the market early in the morning and feel the 'tabu' scenery at the market again. It has been quite sometime already that I have not gone to a 'tabu'.

For me and my husband, it's always a pleasure to be able to do the marketing for fresh vegetables, fruits and seafoods ourselves. But coming to a 'tabu' is more interesting becuase we get to buy vegetables grown organically which are of course safer to cook and eat. On this particular 'tabu' trip, I bought 'camote', okra, ginger, squash, onions, eggplants, petchay, sayote, patola and a lot more.

I also bought four kilos of fresh carrots because we always stock-up with these. My husband loves to drink fresh carrot juice which we prepare ourselves at home using a juice-maker machine. And although I don't use tomatoes often in my cookings, I was tempted to buy a kilo of fresh tomatoes for they looked so appealing.

Next Tuesday or Friday (the market days in Tagbilaran City) I hope me and my husband can go to the market to wade in the 'tabu' again.

LifeStyle Bohol

On February 18, 2007, I was happy and proud to be part of the launching of the official website of LifeStyle Bohol. Of course, I need to be there because I am the sponsoring partner of the said website.

The launching coincided with the celebration of LifeStyle Bohol, the lifestyle section of the Bohol Chronicle, in its 3rd year anniversary. Yes, LifeStyle Bohol is now on its 3rd year of providing information on a lot of interesting things to read about Bohol, aside from the usual news items.

Dance presentations and a beautiful song number rendered by my cousin Vida May Tirol with her boyfriend was also in place during the said launching at the Island City Mall. Snacks of my favorite corn muffins and squash muffins with mango iced-tea followed at The Buzzz Cafe.

The website, which is still under a continuous upgrading, contains the following sections : Trends, Stings from the Wild, Dining, Arts/Culture, Island Blend, Destination, People, Treks, & Advocacy. Pretty soon, more articles in each section will be published.


I was reading a Cebu newspaper yesterday and browsed at the classified ads section and I couldn't help but notice the ads for job openings at call centers, export processing zones, business process outsourcing services , tech companies and others.

Seeing all those made me realize that Bohol is still far behind from Cebu when it comes into providing employment opportunities. That is no wonder why a lot of graduates from the local colleges and universities go to Cebu or Manila to hunt for jobs.

But nevertheless, Bohol still has its own role in the employment scene. Bohol also contributes in providing the human resource needs of industries in Cebu , Manila, other provinces.

Some months ago, I was able to attend a briefing on the possibility of a call center set-up in Bohol. Infact there were more than two meetings conducted, participated in by the adminstrators of the local schools (for the human resource supply), DTI local government officials, and local businessmen. However, until now, no call center is put-up in Bohol yet. I really don't know what is still lacking that Bohol cannot yet host this oursourcing facility.

I have checked websites of a few companies providing business process outsourcing services and I noticed that the people that they need to work in their companies are readily avaiable in Bohol. Local colleges and university produce them.

I do look forward to seeing Bohol also getting a big share of the outsourcing industry.

Election Fever

The election fever has started to contaminate the scene in Bohol. National candidates has started coming in to Bohol to campaign and sell themselves to the Boholanos. Tol Defensor was already here. His campaign poster is seen everywhere. He was at our school the other Saturday, but I missed to meet/see him.

And of course, not to be missed mentioning if our fellow Boholano - Cesar Montano, who is trying his bid for a senate seat. I admire Cesar for his being vocal and proud that he is a Boholano. I wish him good luck though. A Bohol newspaper came out with an editorial about Cesar Montano.

I noticed that recently, there has been private planes flying into Tagbilaran City too. Maybe they brought in those politicians who wants to woo the Boholano votes. But it's still very far from the election date and the election fever hasn't reached it highest temperature yet.

In the local scene, I heard from my dad that the administration ticket has already completed their candidate line-up, except for mayor for two municipalities.

I have been exposed to this campaign fever since I gained consiousness into this world. Things like this is no longer strange to me and it has been part of my life, with my family. The 2007 election will just be another chapter. This would mean getting involved in the campaign trail for my mom who is seeking re-election for Bohol provincial board member of the second district. I promised myself that this time, I will not tie myself to be a home-based campaign coordinator but instead a field-campaigner. I want to be with my mom as much as possible so I will also experience more on the field campaign. Who knows? Someday, I might be going out to campaign for my own candidacy.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Love Story

I am always amused to hear love stories of people I met or love stories of people I know. Each love story is different but still there is always a common factor – LOVE.

February is the month of LOVE. Afterall, Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th and that is already few days away from now. Talking about love is everywhere now. Let me share with you a love story of two people I love so much.

GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY of my grandparents. This photo was taken more than 20 years ago.

Lolo & Lola

Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t. But my grandparents (father's side) did. Their love story was unique in itself that I am sure most of us here would think that what happened between them doesn’t exist at this time anymore. Although I may not be able to recall what exactly happened, but what I will share with you now is just an excerpt of what from what my parents and relatives related.

My grandparents then were both very poor. My grandfather was a very intelligent but poor fellow that he had to work his way (the hard way) to support his pursuit for education (he became a brilliant lawyer). He was a working student at one institution and he did different stuffs which included fetching water from the deep well, to provide water supply to the needs of the users of that institution.

My grandmother was also very poor but she was a smart & strong woman. And of course, very very pretty. She was a Spanish mestiza. Like my grandfather, she also had to work her way to support her education. She was also a working student at the same institution where my grandfather was also working at.

How they met and fell in love? Since my Lolo was the one who did the water fetching, he was supplying water to the kitchen. And when he was there, he saw the torn skirt of my Lola (she must be that poor that her dress was torn) and behind the torn skirt, he saw how fair my Lola’s legs were and that caught his attention. And of course, when he saw that the fair legs came with it a very beautiful woman and he quickly fell in love with her.

Since then, he pursued my Lola and eventually won her trust and love. My Lolo since then deeply adored my Lola. They went through a lot of life's challenges and finally settled in Bohol, where their love grew and spread. Their union produced twelve (12) intelligent and beautiful children (the youngest died during infancy though). All of them have multiply academic degrees (with one having 14 academic degrees). Eight of them have doctorate degrees with four having a combination of lawyer/PhD, one is an engineer with a PhD and of course, all of them have at least two masteral/post graduate degree.

That love also produced forty two grandchildren (who also got their genes) and now the family is still growing bigger. I could no longer count how many great-grandchildren there are now.

To remember my Lola and Lola’s love, even if they both already passed away years ago, we, the surviving family members still celebrate their birthdays, death anniversaries & wedding anniversary. Next year, we will be celebrating my Lolo’s centennial birthday anniversary.

Love is really wonderful. It may start with just a simple glimpse but it will grow endlessly. Love indeed deserves to be celebrated. And Valentine's Day is more beautifully expressed if you Send a Valentine's Day gift to someone special to you.

Happy Valentines day !

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WiFi is It !

I think I have become obsessed with WiFi. For a person like me who is an Internet addict WiFi is one of the best things that has happened in the Internet age.

Right now, I am in my classroom in one of the universities here in Cebu City. I am attending one of my classes for my pursuit for a Doctoral in Business Administration degree (DBA). Yes, I also want to be a doctor.

While my classmates are delivering their much-researched reports, I am also multi-tasking in my own little corner in the classroom. I am surfing the net because our classroom has a WiFi signal. Right now, I am looking at some shoes at and, two of my favorite online stores. And aside from window shopping, I am also browsing about the topics being reported by my classmates. I also need to know what questions I can throw to them later during the open forum.

WiFi in Bohol

If you are like me, who wants to go online as often as possible, and you come to Bohol with your WiFi ready laptops, here is list of places where I know has WiFi signal.

UB – IRC building – WiFi access here is free. But of course, if you don’t have a UB school ID, you can’t get into the campus anyway. Lucky me, I have a UB school ID.

Bohol Tropics Resort Club - The owners of this hotel are my friends, who are very 'mabait'. I come to this hotel often and I am very glad that they do have WiFi signal within the hotel vicinity. This facility is really a PLUS for those who would be stay here. And of course, WiFi access is free ( for me at least.. hehhe).

Bo’s Café at Island City Mall – WiFi signal here is strong enough. But you have to buy a ‘card’ from the nearby Globe office for the access code. P100 is good for one hour Internet access. It’s expensive at that price, but good enough if you really need to go on-line. WiFi signal is powered by

The Buzzz Café – located just beside Bo’s Café, signal here is also very good. GlobeQuest card is also required.

FixRite store – The WiFi signal from Bo’s and The Buzz reaches to this area. One time, I have to transfer funds from my bank account and I need to do it on-line ASAP. I was at FixRite to buy something. So, while waiting for the sales clerk to find the item, I went online.

Metro Center Hotel – WiFi signal here is very good also. I always go here every time I can’t connect to the Internet from home and I really need to go online. Internet access is much cheaper. Just buy a Nitro card from the Sundry Shop, also at the Metro Centre Hotel, priced at P100 per card. One card is good for 22 hours.

BQ Mall – There are times that I need to do some shopping and also need to go online. I get Internet access through WiFi usually at the Swiss Gourmet Restaurant at the 4th level of the mall. While at the restaurant, I get to surf the net, do my stuffs online and get to eat my favorite green salad.

I am happier that the restaurant manager has decided to provide a section of the restaurant for smokers only. It’s not that I smoke, but I hate the smell of smoke! I have been complaining to the management about people smoking inside the restaurant. At least I can now enjoy my meal there, without the annoying smell of smoke.

WiFi signal in the mall is also accessible with a Nitro Card.

Ramiro Community Hospital – it is amazing that the RCH has WiFi signal. One time when my son was admitted to this hospital for his dengue, I was stuck in the hospital for almost one week. But never I had a dull moment there. I had my laptop with me in the room and of course, I got to go online from my son’s room. Nitro card is also needed to access WiFi here.

There might be other areas in Tagbilaran City with WiFi signal that I don’t know of. I am only mentioning the places where I go to where there is WiFi signal.

I am looking forward to the time that my own house will also have it’s own WiFi signal. My husband already bought a WiFi gadget when we were in the US and he will soon install it in our house. I am really looking forward to this! Imagine, I can surf the net instead of reading a magazine while working on the call of nature. Or, checking or following a certain recipe on-line while cooking in my kitchen. Isn't that really cool?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Gadgets

These days, it's already very rare that you see a person without "gadgets". The most common of which is a cellphone.

I can say that I am a person who is fond of gadgets too. What do I have?

- HP iPAQ 6365 for my mobile phone. I bought this(at P39,950.00)in Dec. 2004 and until now I am still happy with this. When I was on a US tour in 2005, the unit wasn't very common yet. Techie people I met there got impressed with what I have. One said "oh, you got my dream phone!". Although there are new smartphone units around now and might be better than my unit, I am not planning to change phones yet.

Gorilla Mobile

- IBM X40 ThinkPad. This is my partner. I bought this in Feb. 2005 (in Cebu City) and until now I am still deeply inlove with it. Though expensive, it's small, thin, and very ligth, but has the capabilities that I am looking for in a computer. I just tuck it in my handbag and I wont feel the weight too much. The built-in WiFi feature of this notebook is very very useful. It has become a habit of mine to check for WiFi signal where I would be. When me and my husband went to HK and US, we just log on to the Internet (from my notebook) almost anywhere. WiFi signal is widely available there. You can also check about this product - ThinkPad X40 Pentium M 1.4 GHz RAM 256 MB HD 1 x 40 GB Flopp

Check out Dell Notebooks too. This brand is also very popular.
Dell Home Systems

- iPod Nano 2GB. . It's funny because I own one but I don't use this. I am not so fond of listening to music through it anyway. My husband and children are the ones who take turns in using this. This Apple 2 GB iPod Nano Silver (2nd Generation) is really cool. Tunes can also be downloaded from Appli iTunes:
Apple iTunes

- Canon PowerShot SD900 . In this kind of business that I am in, having a compact digital camera is very handy and useful. I just want to capture any moment or subject which could be interesting enough to share (through my websites) to people all over the world. Before I bought this, I was choosing between Sony T30 and this one. I was looking for a small, compact and light digicam and yet have excellent other quality features. I chose Canon PowerShot SD900 (10 megapixel!)over Sony T30 (only 7.1 MP). I asked my brother in California to buy this Canon PowerShot SD900 Titanium 10MP Digital Elph Camera with 3x Optical Zoom for me and just had it hand-carried by a friend who is home to visit here.

It's really cheaper to buy digital cameras in the US. I bought a FujiFilm FinePix Z1 when I was in California in Dec. 2005, but it got stolen here at home. Then I bought a Nikon CoolPix L3 (through my cousin in NY), but I am not friends with this camera. I am giving this away to my youngest son who shows talent in photography.

- Sony PSP. This item could be any boy's dream toy too. We do have one. I also bought this Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Entertainment Pack from the US, through my friend in Seatlle. But guess who is fond of playing with this? My husband and my two sons. They say aside from playing games in it, they also surf the net through its WiFi capability too.

- AudioVox portable DVD player. I bought this in Maryland, USA in Sept. 2005. This gadget is also cool. We seldom get to use this though because we have other DVD players at home. But this gadget comes in very handy when we travel out of town. You can also get a similar item of Audiovox D1812 8" Portable DVD Player online through too.

- Jabra BT800 - This hands-free gadget is also very cool. It comes in very handy with the kind of mobile phone I am having. But I just look funny when I am talking to someone (using my Jabra) while walking in the mall. People who see me might think I have nuts in my head because I am talking alone (they couldn't see my mobile phone pinned to my ear). Similar to mine but of lower and cheaper model is the Jabra BT500V Bluetooth Vibrating HandsFree Headset (Black) which costs only $89.95. I got mine from Hong Kong at a higher than this model. I bought 3 units of this for my husband, myself and for my dad.

All these are not luxury gadgets for me but these are considered more as business equipment. My IBM x40 and my Cannon digicam specially are not just cool gadgets, but they are my business gadgets.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shopping in Bohol (Part II)

Island City Mall

ICM is the how we call the Island City Mall. It is the current favorite of the Boholanos here. The mall is new (on its 3rd year of operation yet) and is big with some specialty shops in it. It's got Chowking, KFC, Jolibee, National Bookstore, Kamiseta (one of my favorite shops), Freeway and others. The mall is located at Dao District, Tagbilaran City. The mall is just beside the Tagbilaran City Integrated Bus Terminal and Sattelite City Public Market and the Tagbilaran City hall is just around the next corner. To go to ICM from any point in the city, you can just take a taxi or a tricycle and tell the driver that you want to go to ICM.

My children loves to go to ICM to play computer games at Netopia. I also shop at their supermarket. I can only find my favorite Quaker Oats Old Fashioned at this supermarket. Well, the other basic and regular grocery items can be found there too.

The mall has a very spacious parking space. However, it's not covered and for sure cars get toasted during sunny days.

The mall also have four good movie houses. My family watch movies there.

Alturas Supermarket

We call the store simply "Alturas". It is located along B. Inting St, Tagbilaran City, just beside the forever unfinished Agora building. I used to shop at this store before the existence of Plaza Marcela and ICM. But now, I seldom go there anymore though. One reason that I don't go there anymore is the small underground parking space which is obviously always full. Although I still want to go there to reminisce.

A lot still go to Alturas. The store is very conveniently located.

Shoppers Mart

It is also located at the heart of Tagbilaran City. The store carries basic grocery items and it's always crowded. I seldom go there but when I need to buy boxes of fruits (grapes, oranges, pears, apples and others) I go to Shoppers Mart. The store sells these fruits cheaper than those sold at other stores. And sometimes, I get to find good bargain items there too.

One reason that I don't go to this store regularly is that there is no parking lot for its customers.

Well, this blog is just a general overview about shopping here in Bohol. I may post more blogs about this topic soon.

See yah next time!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Shopping in Bohol (Part I)

I love shopping. But who doesn't anyway?

My most favorite is window shopping (at the department store or mall) and browse-shopping at my favorite on-line stores because I get to do shopping without spending. But when it comes to spend-shopping, I don't have other choices but to go to Plaza Marcela, BQ Mall and Island City Mall. It's very seldom that I go to Alturas Supermarket and Shoppers Mart anymore.

Plaza Marcela

Located in the heart of Cogon District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, this store is not too big and not too small. One thing I like about this store is that it is very near my place of work and I can just drop by there anytime or during some quick errands on my way to home from work. The underground parking space is a big plus and it's best during noontime because my car won't get oven-hot and also very convenient during rainy days. The store carries most of the grocery items I usually need too. Fresh vegetables, fishes and meat products are also available. Sometimes I am lucky to get some fresh scallops and crabs.

The department store section of Plaza Marcela used to be my favorite before the presence of the other malls. The store used to carry GUESS? items, but now no more. I haven't been to the fashion section of the store for sometime now though. However, if one is not as choosey as I am, you can find good items there anyway.

The home furnishing section of the store carries the basic items. Since I don't have the need to buy things for my kitchen or house often, I seldom go there anymore. The last time I went there was last November 2006 to buy an oven toaster as a wedding gift for my cousin. Kitchen appliances are available there at reasonable prices though. But I think the place too dusty already. The place needs a thorough dusting job. I always sneeze when I am at that section.

The store manager is my college classmate and everytime I got concerns in the store, I just see him directly.

BQ Mall

The Bohol Quality is a store that I saw grew from a small store into a big store/mall that it is now. Before the existence of the other stores, BQ was the only place to go here in Bohol. Now it is a mall in itself. It is located along CPG avenue, in the heart of Tagbilaran City. It is very near the provincial capitol, cathedral and most of the commercial establishments in the city.

My most frequently visited section of the BQ Mall is of course the grocery section. There are still some items in the BQ supermarket that I don't find in other stores, such as : "Itlong na Maalat" (salted eggs). The salted eggs in BQ are the best I could get here in Bohol; re-sealable plastic bags; Eng Bee Tin hopias; sylvannas; Ormoc pineapples and some other few items.

I also have a BQ VIP Card and supervisors and clerks there are very friendly. The owners are also very friendly (I have know them since I was a little kid though). If I encounter minor problems or if I need assistance, they readily try their best to see to it that I got what I need.

The parking space of the mall is not that convenient for others though. It would require you to drive your car climbing up a steep passage way going to the car park and coming out from the car park. If one is not familiar with the area, most likely your car would get to kiss the sides of the passage way. Luckily I am already used to driving in and out of their carpark and I haven't had an instance that any of the cars I drove there got a scratch.

Opps, it's time for me to prepare lunch now. I will post the continuation of my blog (ICM, Alturas Supermarket, Shoppers Mart and others) about Shopping in Bohol in the next issue. Please keep posted.

See yah!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Siesta Trip

Shall I consider myself lucky? I still enjoy the luxury of taking "siestas" (after-lunch nap) very often.

This afternoon, after having lunch of : boiled 'sab-a' banana, 'lakatan' (another type of table banana), Ormoc pineapple, "guisadong upo', Bicol express Century tuna and boiled rice (I eat only a half cup or less or rice anyway) with my husband at home, the 'siesta urge' started to creep into my body system. With the TV left on with Wowowee program playing, I laid down my bed & quickly fell into a deep slumber. The weather outside was so conducive to the 'siesta' trip, the rain was so light and the sound of the water dripping from the gutter was hypnotizing and in a few seconds I was already into my dreamland.

When I woke up, it was still drizzling outside. I hurriedly dressed-up and got ready to go back to my office and it was already 2:30 p.m. I drove the car to the office myself (my husband will be taking the other car later) and since Tagbilaran City is experiencing bad traffic situations due to the concreting of the main roads, it took me longer at about twelve (12) minutes (much more than the usual 6-8 minutes) to reach my office.Tomorrow I look forward to another “siesta” or might decide to spend my ‘siesta’ time at the hair salon instead, to have my regular hair maintenance (root dye) done by my favorite hairdresser – Melan.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blog Attempt

This is my Nth attempt to create my blog. I hope I am successful this time. This blog is intended to share with you life here in Bohol.

Though I am not a very good "blogger" (yet), I will try my best to be able to post as often as I could and give you a picture of how life in Bohol is (in my own point of view). Although, I would also be posting here stories about other Boholanos lives which might be interesting to read about too. Contributions are also welcome.

Welcome to my BLOG!