Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boholanos of the World

Boholanos, like most Filipinos, are known to be very close to their own families and tend to keep close ties with family back home, even if they already live far away from Bohol.

There are a lot of Boholanos now living all over the world - in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, other ASEAN countries and just all over. But though they lived far away from their beloved Bohol, they still keep in touch with family back home, in a lot of ways.

They read Bohol news regularly through the online editions of The Bohol Chronicle and The Bohol Sunday Post. A great amount of web traffic proves that Boholanos indeed always want to keep themselves updated of what's happening in Bohol.

Fiestas are always the biggest drawer for Boholanos to come home to their beloved province of Bohol. Infact, there is always a saying that during the month of May, Bohol sinks, for Boholanos do really come home to attend the fiesta of their town or barrio. And that is not only true for the month of May, but all throughout the year when fiesta is celebrated somewhere in Bohol.

However, Boholanos who are not able to come home to attend fiesta themselves still do celebrate fiesta at where they are already living at.

Boholanos being family-loving, also look after their families left in Bohol. They always see to it that they are able to send money back home. They do a lot of saving just to be able to send money and stuffs to Bohol. Some of them send boxes of stuffs through couriers, money through banks and more are now taking advantage of Instant Internet Remittances using Credit Card which is more convenient and safe.

A regular reunion of Boholanos is also being done every three years through the Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBKT). No other province in the Philippines has successfully done such kind of reunion.


Unknown said...

You're exactly right Leah, no doubt about it!

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Leah, check this out: Caingget Sunset