Monday, October 29, 2007

Remembering the departed

It is almost All Saints Day and All Souls Day. It's time again to visit the cemetery, offer flowers and candles to remember our departed loved

I was still in my elementary years when my Lolo Ariston (my mom's father) died. I don't remember much about him though, but I remember him to be a mestizo and a very soft-spoken person. My Lola Ligor (my mom's mother) passed away when I was in high school. She was a very strong woman. She was still climbing trees and coconuts even at at age of past 60.

My Lolo Victoriano (my papa's father)died in April, 1984 when my papa was in the middle of the campaign period for a congressional seat (of which he won). My Lolo Victoriano was a very intelligent, loving and caring Lolo.

My Lola Lumin (my papa's mother) passed away when I was already a college graduate. I became very close to my Lola Lumin when she and my Lolo stayed at our house in Quezon City for my Lolo's series of theraphy sessions (he was operated for a brain tumour). Then, I would do my Lola's manicure, pedicure and fix her hair and make-up. We go shopping together and we cook together. She even taught me how to sew her dress, with my own hands (using only thread and needle), which she proudly wore to church.

When my Lola Lumin passed away, I missed her so much that I volunteered to do her make-up, fixed her hair (while she was on the emblaming table) and cleaned her finger and toe nails and put nail polish on them. Inside her casket, she looked so beautiful that people who looked at her couldn't help but notice how she is properly and well made-up. And I am always proud to admit that I did her make-up , manicure and pedicure. Some even jokingly (and seriously) asked me to do their make-up too, when it was already their time. I answered silently "I might".

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