Sunday, April 27, 2008

May: Fiesta month in Bohol

Boholanos are known for their unique hospitality. One of the most common hospitality "icon" of the Boholanos is the FIESTA. During fiesta time in any part of Bohol, family & friends ( and even strangers) can come to a house of a host and enjoy the sumptuous foods served on the table. Everybody would be welcome to "eat the house".....

During the month of May, if one is just adventurous enough, he can go around the whole province of Bohol and enjoy eating for free for the whole month. Everyday in the month of May, there is a town, a barrio, or even a "sitio", that is celebrating a FIESTA. May is the month when Bohol is "sinking" because the population of Bohol during this month is multiplied twice, thrice, or even four times. A lot of people really come to Bohol to attend the FIESTA. And, Boholanos, from where ever they may come from, come home to their hometowns to attend the fiesta.

Every town in Bohol celebrates their fiesta in different dates. And Boholanos, even if they live in different parts of the globe, outside Bohol, really try their best to come home to their hometown on fiesta. This is the best time for them to meet old friends, relatives, share their blessings, and just enjoy the festivities.

The following is the Bohol town fiesta calendar for the month of May:
May 1 Tagbilaran City , Saint Joseph the Worker
May 3 Dao - Tagbilaran City , Santa Cruz
May 4 Alburquerque , Santa Monica
May 4 Mabini ,Santa Monica
May 4 Sagbayan ,San Agustin
May 8 San Miguel ,Saint Michael
May 10 Calape ,Saint Vincent Ferrer
May 15 Bilar ,Saint Isidore the Farmer
May 15 Trinidad ,Saint Isidore
May 15 Tubigon ,San Isidro Labrador
May 19 Candijay ,Saint Joseph
May 29 San Isidro ,Saint Isidore
May 29 Talibon ,Blessed Trinity

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rice shortage?

Abundant all over the news, be it in print, tv or radio is about the rice shortage in the Philippines. It is really a scare that the staple food of majority of the Filipinos is becoming scarce. However, the province of Bohol is blessed with abundant rice production, although not abundant enough to be able to share much of its rice produce to people in other provinces in the country.

Only this week, no less than the governor of the province, Gov. Erico B. Aumentado was caught the eyes and ears of the media when he approved an ordinance regulating the volume of rice shipped outside his province. As the father of Bohol is just doing his job of ensuring that the people of Bohol will not run out of rice supply.

In the closer environment, my family is blessed with abundant rice supply from our own rice farm. Last week, my parents were so happy to announce that despite of the rice shortage problem, their rice farm (in Ubay, Bohol) was able to produce rice more than our family can consume. The last count my father told me was 220 cavans of newly harvested rice palay. Last weekend, when me and my sister drove to our other house in Ubay (my mother's hometown), I was awed to find a stack of sacks full of rice palay at the terrace.

And early this week, my brother who recently visited our other rice farms in Pilar, Bohol, informed me that my tenant will soon report to me of the rice harvest count from my rice farm. Yes, I have a rice farm! My parents gave me a 3 hectare rice farm (my other 10 siblings were also given 3 hectares each), which unfortunately I don't know how to take care of thereby, me and my husband contracted a tenant to plant rice on my farm.

Praise God for the no rice shortage in Bohol!