Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween in Bohol

Halloween is not really 'celebrated' in Bohol the way it is celebrated in the United States of America or in other countries. That is what I thought.

However, I was surprised yesterday so see some halloween stuffs in the mall. I saw miniature pumpkins for sale at P134/kilo at the Island City Mall grocery. To those who haven't seen real pumpkins in the US, these pumpkins would look interesting. But with that price, it is not too attractive anyway.

While I was in the Island City Mall (ICM), I saw two foreigner kids running around in halloween costumes. They look cute. Another foreigner greeted the little boy wearing a Spiderman costume "Hello, Spidie... I like your costume".

There was also a horror booth in the mall. I think they also had this last year. I don't really like going in a horror booth anyway, so I don't really know what is inside. I hope it is really scary inside to at least 'entertain' those who go in there.

Aside from all these, Boholanos actually spend halloween night at the cemeteries to visit the graves of their departed family members, relatives or friends. The cemetery looks like a 'fiesta field' with a lot of people. Most people who go there also bring foods, board games and others. Some would even spend the night there.

But for us, my family is just staying home, trying to finish a project. We will visit the grave of my grand parents tomorrow yet.


Unknown said...

It was my first time to visit Bohol and it was really fun. It was a 3 days vacation and it wasn’t enough because we had a Cebu - Bohol trip. Both destinations were tourists spots-filled and I’m looking forward to return and visit more awesome places that I’ve seen on TV, internet or blogs like this post. I’m glad to meet the famous Tarsier too xD

Thien Nguyen said...

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